Quality Education

Sustainable Development Goals - Quality Education award

Ciência Viva School received an international award.

The King Baudouin Foundation and the Amgen Foundation awarded Ciência Viva School with a grant for the quality and innovation of its educational program.

This support opens news perspectives for collaboration with on-going science education projects world wide.

More about Amgen Foundation and its science education program.

Other news and events:

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  • “Mini-explainers” at Ciência Viva School

  • The comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko landing

  • National day of the Sea

  • Sagres school ship

  • Lauching of Mission X, Videoconference with astronaut André Krupers, at the International Space Station

  • Ciência Viva Theater

  • Ciência Viva School grant

    Sagres school ship

    Ciência Viva School at Mission X