Ciência Viva School

The Ciência Viva School is an educational project from Ciência Viva, the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture.

The Ciência Viva School has its place of work in the Pavilion of Knowledge - Centro Ciência Viva, which is an interactive museum of science and technology, open to visitors since July 1999, located in Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

This is a singular educational program in the whole Europe. The idea of making the educational mission of museums deeper is the base of some of the most innovative projects of the last years. The museum-schools are an example of this idea, as they have been having even more importance on the other side of the Atlantic ocean – the Science Center School, in Los Angeles, is one of the most known examples.

A special connection to the city of Lisbon

In the academic year of 2017/18, the project involved all schools clusters from Lisbon, 1336 students from 52 schools of the elementary level of education and 60 teachers came for a week in the Ciência Viva School, being actively supported by the City Council of Lisbon and its Department for Education and Youth.

The Ciência Viva School, the only one of this type in Portugal, adds a singular dimension to this kind of projects, creating a learning network which is able to cover the diversity of the school population of a city – in this case, from a European capital.

Involving each school cluster of Lisbon, the Ciência Viva School increases the number of opportunities for exchanging experience and knowledge, opening collaboration perspectives, which are productive for teachers and students from the whole city.

Clearly, the effective participation of the City Council of Lisbon is a decisive factor for the sustainability of an educational enterprise of this type; and therefore CML (City Council of Lisbon) is committed to its success, ensuring fundamental basic conditions like school transport and food.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the Ciência Viva School integrates important national and international personalities of the world of science and education.

The Scientific Committee.