Meeting with the Scientist

This is the highlight of the week in which students have the opportunity to be in touch with a real scientist from a wide variety of science research domain. The purpose of this interaction is to create the opportunity for a face-to-face dialogue between students and researchers, by sharing experiences, life stories and scientific knowledge, showing what is their professional occupation in a language suited for children.

Edition 2019/20

Previous Editions

  • José Francisco Rodrigues, mathematics

  • Hugo Tente, engineering

  • Marta Farjado, physics

  • Pedro Brogueira, physics

  • Maria Paula Diogo, Technology history

  • Raquel Barata, botanic

  • Margarida Oliveira, biology

  • Sandra Soares, biology

  • Paulina Mata, chemistry

  • Mafalda Frade, biology

  • Francisco Andrade, biology

  • João Russo, palaeontology

  • Elisabete Malafaia, geology

  • Álvaro Pinto, geology

  • Diana Freire, biochemistry

  • Mário Cachão, geology

  • Marta Almeida, engineer

  • Adriana Galveias, biology

  • Pedro Ferreira, geology

  • Ana Leal, ornitology

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