Meeting with the Scientist

This is the highlight of the week in which students have the opportunity to be in touch with a real scientist from a wide variety of science research domain. The purpose of this interaction is to create the opportunity for a face-to-face dialogue between students and researchers, by sharing experiences, life stories and scientific knowledge, showing what is their professional occupation in a language suited for children.

Edition 2018/19

Previous Editions

  • Crystals
    Clementina Teixeira

  • Astronomy
    Máximo Ferreira

  • Biochemistry
    Diana Freire

  • Engineering
    António Gago

  • Biodiversity
    Jorge Paiva

  • Zoo biologist
    Tiago Carrilho,

  • Parasitology
    Luisa Figueiredo

  • Neuroscience
    Diana Prata

  • Zoo
    Catarina Baptista e Daniela Rato

  • Neuroscience
    Raquel Gomes

  • Air quality
    Marta Almeida

  • Economy
    Ricardo Paes Mamede

  • Geology
    João Duarte

  • Civil engineering
    Luis Guerreiro

  • Butterflies
    Adriana Galveias

  • IPMA's Labs
    IPMA's team

  • Astronaut
    Andreas Mogensen

  • Ecology
    Maria Amélia Martins-Loução

  • Architecture
    Teresa Heitor

  • Cities of the future
    Hugo Tente

  • Planetarium
    Pedro Machado

  • Dinosaurs
    João Russo

  • Chemistry
    Paulina Mata,

  • Botanical Garden
    Raquel Barata, botânica - 26 de outubro de 2018

  • Studying wolfs
    Francisco Fonseca

  • Astrophysics
    Fernando Buitrago e Suzana Ferreira

  • Ornithology
    Ana Leal

  • Antarctic
    Pedro Ferreira,

  • Zooarcheology
    Ana Elizabete Pires

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