Meeting with the scientist

This is the highlight of the week in which students have the opportunity to be in touch with a real scientist from a wide variety of science research domain. The purpose of this interaction is to create the opportunity for a face-to-face dialogue between students and researchers, by sharing experiences, life stories and scientific knowledge, showing what is their professional occupation in a language suited for children.

Edition 2016/17

Previous Editions

  • Ponds
    Vanda Brotas, biology

  • Density
    Carlos Fiolhais, physics

  • Biologist
    Susana França and Vera Sequeira, biology

  • Nature treasures
    Mário Cachão, geology

  • The sea is more than fish!
    IPMA's research team

  • What does a Geologist do?
    Álvaro Pinto, geology

  • Visiting the zoo
    Tiago Carrilho, biology

  • Fish
    Ana Faria, biology

  • Neurones
    Maria José Diógenes, neuroscientist

  • Light
    Pedro Brogueira, physics

  • Sun, Earth and Moon
    Rui Dilão, physics

  • Brain
    Maria Inês Vicente, neuroscientist

  • Soil
    Maria Amélia Martins-Loução, ecology

  • “Travelling space and time”
    Pedro Abreu, physics

  • Geology
    João Duarte, geology

  • Internet of things
    Horácio Fernandes, physics

  • Economy
    Ricardo Paes Mamede, economist

  • Space
    Rui Agostinho, astrophysics

  • Our Brain
    Ana Sebastião, neuroscientist

  • Environmental investigation
    Hugo Tente, environmental engineering

  • Travelling to Antarctic
    Alexandre Nieuwendam, geography

  • Puddles
    Jael Palhas, biology

  • Knowing plants
    Pedro Fevereiro, biology

  • Butterfly world
    Adriana Galveias, florestal engineering

  • Swim, run or walk?
    Francisco Andrade, biology

  • Travelling to the poles
    João Canário, geochemistry

  • Visiting the astronomic observatory
    Fernando Buitrago , astrophysics - 7 de outubro de 2016

  • Climate change
    David Avelar, biology

  • “Good use of energy”
    Francisco Ferreira, environmental engineering

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